Other Law Firms & Paralegals

Use Your Insight to Help Immigrants

As an established professional within the legal community, you have the potential to help dozens of hopeful immigrants on their paths to becoming proud U.S. Citizens. We’ll provide the resources you need to skillfully and accurately advise your clients, with guides and information tailored to your existing business.

Family Lawyers – Did you know that immigrants can sometimes get green cards through marriage?  Did you also know that immigrants sometimes get put into deportation proceedings if the marriage doesn’t last?  The Landerholm Immigration Academy can help you guide your clients through the immigration impact of divorce, international adoptions, fiancee visas, marriage based visa petitions, families seeking political asylum, minors with parents or guardians facing deportation, student visas, and more.

Criminal Defense Lawyers – Did you know that certain pleas may subject your client to deportation, while others may not?  Allow us to teach you how to handle such situations as crimes with deportation penalties, reinstating revoked green cards or visas, applying for visas with a criminal record, expired visas, defending against charges of illegal entry or employment, and other immigration challenges uniquely related to criminal law

Paralegals – Like any government process, attention to detail is essential to any successful immigration case. Our Academy can help you leverage your skills as a paralegal to play an important role in all proceedings. From filing forms and paperwork, to producing all necessary documentation and reports, to fact-checking, to managing all correspondence to ensure a positive outcome, we’ll help you become a trusted partner in the immigration process.