Immigration Law Firms

Lead the Way with Legal Expertise

The field of Immigration Law is a specialty field that can be very rewarding on both a personal and professional level. The Landerholm Immigration Academy can help you establish a practice that is dedicated to immigration law through our informative video workshops and guides.

  • Building Your Practice
  • Immigration Strategies
  • How to Attract Clients
  • Creating Government Relationships
  • Establishing a Professional Network
  • and more

As Immigration Lawyers, we are often some of the best, most compassionate, most self-motivated, and most client-centered of legal practitioners. Yet, immigration law is incredibly complex, and the management of an immigration law firm or law practice is even more so. Due to these complexities, we immigration attorneys are often the subject of legal malpractice cases, bar grievances, stress and burn-out. One mission of the Academy is to support Immigration Attorneys throughout the country so that we can serve our clients better while at the same time avoiding pitfalls that cause the downfall of so many of our colleagues.

We do achieve this through education regarding the complexities of substantive immigration law while also exploring better ways and strategies of running our immigration practices.

Video workshop coming soon!