Through our thorough resources and legal expertise, we’ve been able to assist immigrants and those they trust for advice - church leaders, legal teams, family members and others - to know how to correctly file paperwork, respond to common challenges, and overcome the hurdles of the immigration legal system.
We are dedicated to supporting Immigration Attorneys, so that they can lead the way with legal expertise and better serve the immigrant community.
We provide the resources necessary for established legal professionals to skillfully and accurately advise their clients on their path to US Citizenship.
Let us provide your clergy or membership with the answers and resources necessary to serve those in need through effective and legal means.
We are dedicated to helping provide immigration peace of mind through thorough question and answer seminars or in-person workshops.
With the Landerholm Immigration Academy on your side, you can be confident making decisions and taking important steps to ensure the immigration results you want.

The Successful Immigration Journey Starts Here

The decision to come to the United States to begin a new life or pursue new opportunities comes with many questions and many challenges. The Landerholm Immigration Academy was founded to help you find the answers you need. Whether you are hoping to immigrate with your family, or you’re serving as an advisor to those with legal immigration needs, you’ll find the Academy to be a useful resource that can help you achieve your goals.

Our resources are designed to serve:

We believe passionately in the freedom of movement and the idea that everyone is welcome to share in the lifestyle and spirit of America, which is why we are committed to providing the information and support that people like you truly need. We believe that education leads to fewer mistakes, quicker processing, and an overall better immigration experience for everyone involved – and have created this site as your all-important first step.

Immigration can be a positive experience with the right information and understanding on your side. The Landerholm Immigration Academy is here to help.